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Surgical Environment

Introducing SmartOR™ – an autonomous monitoring platform, fueled by AI and machine learning giving administrative, clinical, and risk teams unprecedented insights into the conditions of the modern operating room.

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Revolutionizing the operating suite by harnessing the intelligence of data-rich environments.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, eliminate care gaps and develop greater insights for more informed operating care.

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Reduce Institutional Risk

Drive patient safety, streamline processes and workflows, document pre-, inter- and post-operative actions and enhance communication and collaboration throughout the surgical team.

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Manage Costs

Increase quality, boost productivity, monitor and control staff movements, inventory and equipment and grow efficiency and productivity for lower operational expenses.

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“For the best possible patient outcomes, one needs to harness more high-quality data, especially for the complex workflows and procedures surrounding surgical suites”

Nick Moran

Nick Moran
Co-Founder & CEO, OMNIMED®

Jill Goodwin

Jill Goodwin
Co-Founder & COO, OMNIMED®