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OMNIMED® SmartOR Leading Better Patient Outcomes

In the operating room (OR) and surgical suites, realtime data and visibility play a critical role in improving patient outcomes. Valuable insights can be gleaned by analyzing the posture and movement of staff members, sterilization records of surgical equipment, and the position and use of surgical tools during a procedure.

Needless to say, the results are significant. Surgical staff can improve communication, quality, equity, performance, and cost controls to improve outcomes in today’s value based care (VBC) environment. In addition, management can enhance planning and scheduling for surgical procedures, minimizing delays that result in revenue loss, staff burnout, and wasted resources, costing hospitals millions of dollars annually. Unfortunately, the lack of technology and tools often makes it difficult to capture this valuable data.

OMNIMED®, an innovative medical technology company, is designed to solve these data collection and reporting challenges. The company’s flagship platform, OMNIMED® SmartOR™ helps surgical teams, medical officers, and administrators to take control of their medical environments. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to capture and analyze data, OMNIMED® SmartOR provides clients with actionable insights to increase efficiencies and ensure proper staffing.

OMNIMED®’s SmartOR™ is a secure System as a Service (SaaS) application with an uncomplicated UX and UI design for real-time and legacy reporting to staff, surgeons, and administrators. The platform includes powerful tools and modeling software that analyzes and measures complex scenarios, (re)aligning and optimizing actions, tasks, traffic, workflows and procedures with simple and customizable dashboards. Clients can access millions of data points and real-time information to make informed decisions.

Nick Moran, Co-Founder and CEO of OMNIMED®, says, “We are focused on monitoring everything around the surgical table and within the surgical room, including efficiencies, infection rates, equipment and environmental tracking, using AI, ML, computer vision, and sensory detection.”

We are focused on monitoring everything around the surgical table and within the surgical room, including efficiencies, infection rates, equipment and environmental tracking, using AI, ML, computer vision, and sensory detection.

- Nick Moran

Committed to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs, inefficiencies, and risks, OMNIMED® SmartOR provides an intelligent and customized solution for the challenges facing the surgical industry. Unlike standard surgical suite documentation and reporting, which can be error-prone and costly, it enables clients to collect data at a lower cost with a 360-degree view of pre-, inter-, and postoperative conditions. As a fully integrated, data-driven solution, OMNIMED® SmartOR offers organizations critical information to optimize operational efficiencies and staff productivity while increasing the quality of care.

Nick Moran Portrait 2023

Nick Moran
Co-Founder & CEO of OMNIMED®

Christian Loversky Portrait 2023

Christian Loversky
National Director of Technology

Facilitating Collaboration in OR

The platform’s four non-invasive units are installed inside the surgical suite to collect real-time data and transfer it to a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based system. Its pose detection, drop detection, sterile zone tracking, heat mapping, and other features allow clients to monitor all activities, equipment usage, and procedures in the surgical suite and improve communication.

Hospital Administrators often struggle with a breakdown in communication between surgical, nursing, clinicians, risk advisors, supply chains and their teams who rely on data to provide quality care. OMNIMED® SmartOR bridges these gaps by gathering valuable insights from data, breaking down information silos and easily sharing information in a way that can be understood by all parties. The platform tracks the movements of individuals in the suite and across zones and sends alerts for every change in the environment, detecting movements, ensuring that staff does not break the sterile zone or enter/exit the OR at inappropriate times.

OMNIMED® SmartOR’s ability to monitor every OR entrance and exit ensures that patients are not exposed to environmental changes that may lead to infections. Hospital administrators and clinicians can review data points from multiple sources, actions, and outcomes and identify trends that indicate patterns and affect outcomes. The platform maps heat, air particle count, airflow, humidity, and other factors to better understand the causes or contributing factors affecting clinical outcomes, risks, and costs. OMNIMED® SmartOR delivers insights to surgical staff in real time, enabling staff to take quick corrective action and prevent infections or unexpected occurrences. For example, OMNIMED® SmartOR alerts the surgeon or staff nurse whenever the temperature rises beyond the OR’s threshold.

Apart from enhancing collaboration, accuracy, and efficiency, clients can leverage real-time insights to automate routine tasks, optimize traffic and workflow, and reduce labor costs. By managing labor, traffic, and time more effectively, hospital management teams can reduce healthcare worker burnout. This real-time reporting of events inside the OR allows the C-suite to make informed decisions and ensure their OR's are operating efficiently.

Focused on Continuous Improvements

OMNIMED® collaborated with leading market players including Maya HTT, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence and Innovation, BDO Digital and Axis Research & Technologies, to build this innovative platform. These experts have contributed their proficiencies in AI, telemetry, software development, and engineering to help OMNIMED® reduce adverse conditions present in hospital ORs and surgical suites. Together, they have created a model-based system engineering solution that allows OMNIMED® SmartOR to foresee the effects of making changes within the surgical suite. This approach facilitates agility and the ability to adapt and develop the platform in response to market needs.

OMNIMED® works with hospital systems, medical device companies, and the bioskills industry to scale the product based on real-world use. OMNIMED® SmartOR’s business intelligence (BI) software provides a complete view of cases at every stage, as well as presenting all process, workflow, people, objects, anomalies, and best practices in a simple dashboard and visual format. OMNIMED® SmartOR uses diagrams, text, and visual storytelling to explain trends and convey other types of information, helping staff to understand large volumes of complex data and quickly extract the insights they need. Product usage feedback is supplied to OMNIMED® and used to continually enhance the platform and update to meet user requirements.

“We have vetted, tested, evaluated, and run in-depth analyses and research on all our processes to provide clients with the solution they need by configuring the product to their requirements to drive productive outcomes,” says Jill Goodwin, Vice President of OMNIMED®.

Doctors Performing in the OMNIMED Smart OR
Jill Goodwin Portrait 2023

Jill Goodwin
Vice President of OMNIMED®

We have vetted, tested, evaluated, and run in-depth analyses and research on all our processes to provide clients with the solution they need by configuring the product to their requirements to drive productive outcomes.

- Jill Goodwin

Although OMNIMED® SmartOR launched in late 2022, it has already gained significant traction with clients because of its ability to track efficiencies, waste, and consumption. Hospitals across the nation are eagerly waiting to enjoy the benefits of OMNIMED®’s SmartOR platform in the surgical suite. Early implementation in bioskills training facilities has already demonstrated the platform’s ability to reproduce operating room conditions to create best practices for later use in the field.

“Our goal is to decrease inefficiencies and liabilities. We have created a niche as we work with medical device companies, bioskills labs, and hospitals,” says Christian Loversky, OMNIMED®'s National Director of Technology.

Delivering Value Beyond the OR

OMNIMED® SmartOR’s holistic data view facilitates access to actionable information in the surgical environment, leveraging its built-in technologies and intellectual properties to bring a new dimension to healthcare. In the future, OMNIMED® anticipates developing a mobile unit for first responder and military use. The applications for the system extend beyond OR and surgical suites, expanding into areas such as R&D, training, education, and military usage.

The backbone of OMNIMED®’s success is its team, comprised of capable and passionate individuals who enjoy their work. The company employs young, smart, and passionate people who intensely believe in the need to drive better patient care and outcomes.

OMNIMED® aims to reduce complexities in the OR to decrease operating costs and inefficiencies caused by poor time management, procedural risk, or limited oversight. The company is excited to witness the impact of its product in the broader market and ensure the community and self-funded hospitals receive the best product at a low cost to save lives.

“We’re doing the right things for the right reasons,” says Moran.

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