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The OMNIMED® Partner Program empowers you to boost profitability through SmartOR™, our AI and machine learning platform.

SmartOR™ can help healthcare systems reduce risk, improve overall efficiency, and support physicians with critical data insights to elevate patient outcomes. SmartOR™ sustains healthcare business enhancement and impacts up to 70% of healthcare provider revenue by capturing millions of live surgical case data points encompassing actions, events, objects, and environmental insights – leading to unprecedented improvements in procedural, operational, and patient outcomes across the spectrum of care. As an OMNIMED® partner, you’ll be an essential part of delivering these benefits.

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Advisory Program

Gain new consulting capabilities as a healthcare advisory firm reseller of SmartOR™. The SmartOR™ platform delivers advanced AI analytics to help your healthcare clients improve risk management, administrative impact, and physician effectiveness.

Hardware Reseller Program

As a SmartOR™ hardware reseller, you’ll have an opportunity to expand your business and effect meaningful change in healthcare by boosting surgical suite efficiency and enhancing patient outcomes. 

Interested in becoming a healthcare advisory reseller or hardware reseller? Contact us to learn more about our developing program and how you can benefit.

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