Developers of the Intelligent Operating Room Solution

Omnimed® is an AI-powered med-tech company dedicated to improving the surgical environment with powerful, real-time data analytics.

Identify surgical suite inefficiencies to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and streamline care.

OMNIMED® developed SmartOR™ to elevate the modern surgical suite with a fully integrated, data-driven solution able to provide administrative, clinician, and risk teams the critical information they need to optimize operational efficiency, staff productivity, and risk-reducing measures.

Our commitment to ethical technology is the foundation for everything we do, along with a mission to create AI-powered tools able to transform the healthcare industry to ensure increasingly successful outcomes based on unbiased and transparent data. The SmartOR platform is NIST- and HIPAA-compliant.

We collaborate with organizations like BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence and Innovation, Maya HTT and Axis Research and Technologies to solve complex healthcare industry challenges, including management of modern surgical suites.

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Partnership Programs

Collaborating with premier healthcare and technology enterprises around the globe.

The OMNIMED® Partner Program fosters collaboration with device, application, technology, and healthcare advisory firms to develop tailored solutions that leverage the SmartOR™ platform, opening doors to new market opportunities and revenue streams.

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