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Optimize OR Risk Management

Review procedures, identify anomalies, analyze outcomes, reduce readmittance and mitigate risks, with SmartOR™

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Reduce Organizational Risk
with Real-Time Data

OMNIMED® SmartOR™ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to seamlessly collect and integrate millions of data points generated within the operating room into any electronic health record (EHR) system. The sophisticated, autonomous platform enhances data-driven decision-making by identifying environmental risk events across procedures, patterns, trends, objects, and activities – ultimately allowing risk teams to make highly informed decisions to reduce institutional risk and improve patient outcomes.

Risk Reduction Strategies

Receive insightful, real-time data from live surgical cases to better analyze operating room workflows and efficiencies to develop effective risk reduction strategies.

Identify Process Improvements

Uncover potential risks or complications to identify proactive interventions in areas that may otherwise remain unseen.


Harness AI for Improved Risk Mitigation

SmartOR™ advanced analytics and data insights help hospital risk officers contribute to the overall resilience and sustainability of a healthcare organization by collecting and analyzing factual data to inform risk teams of new ways to prioritize patient safety, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation.

The following are ways risk teams can utilize SmartOR™ to achieve risk-reduction goals:


Patient Safety

Identify medical errors and adverse events per surgical case. Analyze collected adversities data to develop key findings for building out future prevention strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Gain insight into surgical compliance, regulations, and standards achievements while identifying and mitigating risk and security situations.

Liability Management

Utilize data-based proof of procedural efforts and outcomes to defend against frivolous claims and actions; verify procedures, policies, and staff performance compliance.

Operational Risks

Gain a clear understanding of consumables and equipment and forecasting for supply chain. Identify unauthorized vendors, equipment, and other infrastructure issues by case type, staff composition, etc.

Ethical and Legal Issues

Use case data to inform decisions and actions necessary for addressing compliance and ethics issues.

Quality Improvement

Understand and trace root causes of outcomes affected by surgical activities, including infection, consumables, instruments, drops, equipment, and staff involvement.

Employee and Workforce Risks

Collect data that supports staff training, including identifying corrective actions, or new trend reversals.

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