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Elevate Surgical Workflows and Outcomes

SmartOR™ leverages intelligent sensors and AI to seamlessly collect data generated within the operating room (OR) environment. The system of discrete pods and secure cloud technology tracks millions of data points per minute, providing surgeons and other clinical professionals a 360-degree view of seen and unseen activities across procedures, patterns, trends, and even objects. This information can assist with surgical decision-making by identifying, modeling, and reviewing efficiencies that will benefit the entire clinical staff.

The SmartOR™ platform can integrate with any electronic health record (EHR) system to streamline patient records and data collection.

Enhanced Efficiency

Data-based insights enable surgical staff to work more efficiently by informing and optimizing surgical workflows, reducing procedure times, and minimizing delays.

Big Data, Simplified

Isolate efficiency options within the surgical environment by reviewing broad data interpreted into a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant dashboard that supports quick decision-making.


Harness Rich Data for Improved Surgical Case Outcomes

While clinicians are primarily focused on patient care, their awareness of cross-functional and business priorities helps to foster a more collaborative and effective healthcare environment overall. SmartOR™ delivers rich data to analyze, model, and drive improvements in clinical efforts, achieve organizational goals, and deliver more effective and successful patient outcomes.

SmartOR™ helps you improve:


Quality of Care

Generates evidence-based data for all case types and their performance to analyze and measure outcomes and create clinical excellence initiatives.

Medical Education & Training

Utilize SmartOR to measure clinical training and practical experience gained from academic coursework. Evaluate retained knowledge, skills, and competencies from KPI’s and reporting in real-time. Deployable in bio-skills labs, mock OR to live OR environments.

Patient Safety

Identifies actions during live surgical events that may compromise patient safety, such as sterile zone breaches, drop detection, improper techniques, and more.

Compliance and Regulations

Collects comprehensive data of procedural and operational outcomes to measure compliance and support your legal and accreditation standards.

Resource Allocation

Measures equipment utilization and yield to identify resource allocation efficiencies.

Continuing Education

Provides insight into clinical staff events and activities that can be used to develop new education curriculum, licensing, and technology utilization.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Supports staff performance, utilization, and efficiency by highlighting best practices, risk scenarios, and collaboration for improved workflow, procedures, and outcomes.

Patient Satisfaction

Collected data impacts key KPIs used to demonstrate and ensure quality of care. Use of the platform can positively influence industry HCAHPS rating.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

Impacts the depth and quality of patient records in all EHRs by adding detailed surgical case information. Data analysis can streamline workflows from surgical case scheduling related to surgical treatments.

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