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Today’s clinical environment delivers unparalleled opportunities at the same time that it introduces new challenges. Integrating IoT, proprietary hardware and technologies with OMNIMED®’s proprietary algorithms and user interface, the SmartOR empowers teams with real-time data to counter the complex modern OR and surgical suite.

Analyze data for next-level insights; expand control over surgical operations; discover new opportunities for reducing expenses and risk while building stronger and safer customer relationships.

How will the SmartOR improve
your organizational role?


OMNIMED® Addresses
Business Concerns

As a healthcare business executive focused on your organization’s “big picture,” you are tasked with ensuring that any new institutional ideas, technologies and financial commitments align with your organization’s goals and mission without disrupting the direction, financial position, health or culture of your business.

With OMNIMED® SmartOR your management team can access actionable data for an in-depth view into complex or chaotic workflows, processes and activities within your operating suites, helping your team become more efficient and productive while maintaining their focus on patient outcomes. Your team will benefit from real-time data collection, monitoring, reporting and analysis for successful corrective and preventive care.


OMNIMED® Addresses
Technology Concerns

As a lead healthcare technical officer, you must understand how any new technologies introduced into your medical environment impact the security, operations, workflows, processes and hardware. Of course, this must be done while continuing to address the objectives of your hospital or medical facility including internal infrastructure, productivity and technology goals.

OMNIMED® SmartOR provides real-time data without disrupting your current tech stack. A fully integrated data capture solution, SmartOR is hardware agnostic, secure, customizable and scalable to fit the needs of an organization that is continually growing its capabilities. Get more control with less risk using networked data-driven intelligent technologies including AI, ML, IoT and CV. Your medical facility will experience greater surgical efficiencies without compromising patient care or quality.


OMNIMED® Addresses
Medical Concerns

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As a senior medical administrator, you must navigate constant change and growing complications from financial shifts and technological advancements to internal pressures, external expectations and government regulations. These goals must all be met while managing processes, workflows and costs and driving patient safety, quality and access.

With OMNIMED® SmartOR, intelligent technologies collect, observe, learn and automate tasks and workflows, giving your surgical teams access to real-time data for informed decision-making. Dig into new surgical environment insights to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity while lowering costs and improving patient outcomes.

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"As medical director for a hospital surgical service line, maintaining patient access while championing quality and safety often competes directly with health system financial and logistical challenges such as supply chain, labor shortages, staff burnout, sterile instrument processing, operational inefficiencies, and bottom-line pressures. OmniMed® SmartOR addresses the current issues and builds the foundation for improved future value as well."

Mark Freeman, MD
Chief Medical Officer, OMNIMED®

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“For the best possible patient outcomes, one needs to harness more high-quality data, especially for the complex workflows and procedures surrounding surgical suites”

Nick Moran

Nick Moran
Co-Founder & CEO, OMNIMED®

Jill Goodwin

Jill Goodwin
Co-Founder & COO, OMNIMED®