The Smart Operating
Room Solution

Integrating sensors, cameras, networked systems and emergent technologies

Empower Your
Surgical Teams with
Unparalleled Insights

Standard surgical suite documentation and reporting has long been an error-prone, largely manual process, contributing to billions of dollars in losses for medical facilities each year. The great news is that your OR or surgical suite can now collect all of the data you need to improve patient outcomes, reduce risks and lower costs with OMNIMED® SmartOR.

An intelligent, modular, scalable solution, the SmartOR revolutionizes the surgical suite with a 360-degree view of pre-, inter- and post-operative conditions.

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Edge-Based Network Systems
Architecture & Emergent

Real-, Near- & Post-Time Analytics

Proprietary Software

Ultra-Wideband Technology

Custom User Interface

Cloud-Base SaaS Systems

Exclusive OMNIMED® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms

Multiple Dimensions of Data Tracking

Intelligent Components
AI-Powered Systems

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Human Tracking

  • Pose Detection
  • Hand Positioning
  • Staff Identification
  • Staff Tracking
  • Biometric Tracking
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Equipment Tracking

  • Instrument Count
  • Instrument Drop Detection
  • Instrument Inventory Tracking
  • Instrument Tray Identification
  • Medical Supply Tracking
  • PPE Inventory Tracking

Environmental Tracking

  • Heat Detection
  • Heat Mapping
  • Air Particle Count
  • Air Flow
  • Humidity
  • Temp
  • Pressure
  • Biohazard Weight Tracking
  • Sharps Weight Tracking
  • Authorized Door Entry/Exit
  • Unauthorized Door Entry/Exit
  • 3D Zone Detection

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“For the best possible patient outcomes, one needs to harness more high-quality data, especially for the complex workflows and procedures surrounding surgical suites”

Nick Moran

Nick Moran
Co-Founder & CEO, OMNIMED®

Jill Goodwin

Jill Goodwin
Co-Founder & COO, OMNIMED®